Guided car tours in St.Petersburg and around
Welcome to St. PetersburgGetting in and around city with private guide
St.Petersburg. Vasilevskiy island

St.Petersburg. Dvortsovaya square

St.Petersburg. The Marble palace

St.Petersburg. The Spasa na krovi cathedral

Gatchina. The Palace

Gatchina. White lake

Vyborg. Tower of castle

Pskov. Fortress

Porhov. Fortress wall

Yaroslavl. Church

Going to Saint-Petersburg ?

Saint Petersburg is a center of large region with unical cultural and natural sights. See St.Petersburg at its best - Baltic sea with sand beaches, pine forests, cliffs and lakes of Karelian isthmus, historical places of Ladoga lake, fortresses and castles of medieval age, beauty of russian countryside... How to get there and to see as much as possible during your limited time ? I'm here to help you with advice and transportation ! I can offer you exclusive car tours: start when you like, stop where you want to for photographs or sightseeing - no waiting around for other people - you're free!

My name is Andrey. I live in Saint Petersburg and I spent last years in exploring of my city environs. There are almost no areas on a map of the region where I have not been. I can offer my experience to you. Let me know about your interests and what you dream to see in Russia. I can advice you interesting places and to organize your optimal trip over there. Then I can meet you here in Saint Petersburg and to show all these places by my car. I'm not a commercial firm, so your expenses covers only my time and transport. This is a best way to see all you want and I can understand you as I travel a lot and I know the same problems.

For the first I can offer some themes for your travel:

  • City overview. Car excursion all over the downtown, sea facade, Neva river, parks of city and around living regions. 3-4 hours. Recommended for weekends or in the evening.
  • Palace ring. Peterhof, Gatchina, Pushkin, Pavlovsk. Tsar's palaces and parks. 1-2 days.
  • Sea side. Trip to Zelenogorsk along the Baltic sea. 3 hours.
  • Sea beach. Trip to the beach of Baltic sea far from city with night in tent. 2 days.
  • Karelian landscapes. Car journey around the Karelian isthmus. Beautiful natural landscapes, grasslands, lakes and forests, Vuoksa river and rapids. Full day or more (with night in the forest).
  • Fortress tour. Fortresses of Kronstadt, Shlisselburg, Priozersk, Vyborg, Staraya Ladoga and Koporje. As the fortresses are located in different sides, tour could be devided. 1-4 days.
  • Long distance travels during summer season. Tours to Pskov and Novgorod - old russian towns with reach history and beautiful sights. Trip over russian countryside with visiting of villages and some small towns on the way. 1-3 days.
    Also I can offer trips to Vologda and great monasteries of Russian North, towns of Golden Ring, southern Finland.

Feel free to contact me and feel freedom of sightseeing !

Sunset over the Baltic

Sand beach in Komarovo

Karelian lake

Russian field

Antonovo lake

Campfire in the forest

View from a hill in Korobitsyno

Stones on the Baltic beach

Grassland in countryside

Vyborg. Chapel on the cliff
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